Free VMWare Server?

CNet predicted that “VMware… will begin giving away one of its key products for free”, and it seems to be true!

The “key product” is GSX server – their “lower end” software that runs on a Windows or Linux server. The re-branded product is now sinply called VMWare Server, and is completely free.

My guess is that with competition from the open-source efforts like Xen and OpenVZ, they want to get you hooked on their products, in hope that you will eventually upgrade to their more advanced ESX Server. No matter if you pick an open-source or commercial product, the cost to virtualize your servers is now officially $0.00! (With VMWare server annual support starting at $300, it’s still a great deal!)

VMWare Server is now free

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  1. […] When I wrote about VMWare Server Beta, I was excited about the possibilities that it would create. I soon found myself in a position to put it to the test. The server hosting our Groupwise Webaccess kept abending, and Novell recommended that I not run mod_hdirs, mod_auth_edir, webaccess and a couple of other oddities on the same instance of Apache. […]

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