wireless meets SD storage in the Eye-Fi

I believe the perfect gadget has just been released in the Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card. This amazing little gadget combines a 2GB flash memory SD card and a full-blown Wi-Fi adapter into one tiny bundle. With this bad boy in your camera, you can take pictures and wirelessly upload them to your computer or […]

Stupidity Shield – how to keep from clicking on your own AdSense ads

Like most aspiring dot-com moguls, I am fairly dependent on staying in Google’s good graces.“  I’ve got $122.72 in my AdSense account right now, waiting for the next payout.“  If I manage to get my AdSense account suspended or banned, I won’t see a penny of it – ever.“  Since I try hard to keep […]

October 2007 – best month to date

As October is officially over, I thought I’d share my October 2007 income results. This month the sites pulled in $80.13, almost 30% more than the previous high month (August 2007 @ $49.05). Here is the breakdown by income stream: Adsense: $34.21 eBook Sales: $44.87 Amazon Affiliate: $0. CJ Affiliates: $0. WidgetBucks: $1.05 All time […]

Help! Someone’s stealing my content!

So you figure out that some lowlife is grabbing your RSS feed and using it to populate his MFA splog. Maybe you used copyscape (www.copyscape.com) to find him, maybe you were alerted by a loyal reader. No matter how you find out, you need to take action to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalties, a loss […]