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Zenworks 7 Imaging

From evilzenscientist’s blog: “evilzenscientist :: thoughts � ZENworks 7 imaging: “ZENworks OS imaging has always been based on the Linux kernel – it’s fast, efficient, has a great networking stack and is also extensible. None of the problems of DOS and getting NDIS drivers etc. Earlier versions of ZENworks – (ZfD 3.x, ZfD 4.0, ZENworks […]

Zenworks Imaging boot cds

I’ve been having fits getting zenworks imaging to work with Dell Optiplex GX280s and GX510s. I finally came up with a solution that works 100% of the time. Set the SATA drive to compatibility mode in BIOS, and use the BCM57_v753 boot disk. This is the only version that seems to work with the SATA […]

Using Sysprep to Extend Disk Partitions

Just found out that there is a command – ExtendOEMPartition – in sysprep that will allow you to expand NTFS disk partitions. From the Microsoft site: Using Sysprep to Extend Disk PartitionsWhen installing Windows XP Professional, you might find it necessary to extend the partition of the destination computer. You can use Sysprep with the […]

Sysprep across multiple machines

I came across this post on Joshers Weblog and it fixed a bunch of problems for me. Disabling the soundcard was a great help – I’ve been trying to get audio to work for about a month, and the solution is as easy as this. Aren’t blogs great?from the weblog: I have a single image […]

isolinux.cfg tweak for bootable CDs

I ran across this interesting article on configuring the isolinux.cfg on ZenWorks imaging CDs to allow booting to the local hard drive after a timeout. Tweet

Using USB Drive with ZENworks Imaging

Very simple clear instructions for using a USB Drive with ZENworks Imaging. Worked for me, although on some machines I had to replace “MOUNT /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbhd” with “MOUNT /dev/sda4 /mnt/usbhd” or sometimes /dev/sda3. Tweet

Script to ensure renaming of imaged Mac

I ran across this interesting script that checks to make sure that a Mac has been re-named after imaging, and queries for a new name if it hasn’t. Neat little tool, and I think it supplements my vb script that renames our PCs after imaging to their Dell service tag #. Tweet