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DIY Virus removal

It seems that getting viruses is an inevitable part of computer ownership anymore.  I’ve spent many a night cleaning viruses of of our family’s computers, and have often been thankful that I have had the skills to do it myself, rather than having to pay someone $100/hr.  In the spirit of sharing, here are four quick […]

TestOut vs. Examsaver – a tale of two CBTs

So I’m in the process of preparing to take my A+ exams (along with one of my employees as kind of a buddy challenge) and my MCSE, as we’re ready to wave goodbye to NetWare. Trying to squeeze both in at once has been a bit of a challenge, so I thought I’d look through […]

K-12 Data Warehousing

I’ve been doing some research on K-12 Data Warehouses. At our most recent administrative meeting, data analysis was of big interest and I’m fairly sure that this is going to be one of our big pushes this year. So far I’ve run across the following companies that seem to work with the K-12 market in […]

Free Software in Education

Tom Hoffman has an interesting post about free software being highlighted at NECC. All of the projects he mentions are worth checking out if you are not familiar with them: K12LTSP SchoolTool Cando Edubuntu A good listing of K-12 Open Source projects is the Edu Educational Application Index, maintained in conjunction with SchoolForge. If anyone […]

New report to say that schools save $ with open source software

Apparently they can’t release the report right now due to restrictions on government announcements during an open election, but the preliminary findings released so far sound good. From the Register story: “The landmark report will show that OSS can be implemented successfully in schools and present documented examples of cost savings from its use. Becta’s […]

Essays marked by computer program

The University of Missouri is testing a program called Qualrus, that scores student essays. Sounds like it will save teaching staff a lot of time, but how long is it until the students develop a program that writes essays Qualrus likes? Tweet

Two-User PC – a nice fit for schools?

CRN has an interesting story on how VARs are selling schools PCs with additional video cards and using Win XP’s multiple user sessions have two users use the PC at the same time. Microsoft seems fuzzy on the legality of doing it this way, but it’s an interesting way to stretch a thin tech budget. […]

SchoolMatters: online data for schools

Standard & Poor’s has brought SchoolMatters online recently. They bill it as “a public source for information and analysis about our nation’s public schools.” It has some very nice data analysis and comparison tools, although I would like it if you could compare more than four schools at once. Tweet

New FCC chief friendly to schools

According to eSchool News Online: “Kevin J. Martin, President Bush’s choice to lead the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) into a new era of digital transmissions, is a firm supporter of the eRate and other telecommunications programs that benefit education, according to an analysis of his voting record and public statements he has made as an […]

UK reveals 7 point plan to tackle their “digital divide”

BBC News’ story has a strong focus on the educational aspects of the plan. Another interesting part of the plan is a “digital challenge” prize awarded to the local authority for giving universal online access to services – sounding similar to the technology X-Prize for local government. Tweet