BlackBerry Professional to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express migration

When I started working for my new employer, one of the biggest problems staring me in the face was an aging BlackBerry Professional server. Running on an aging Windows 2000 server, this BB Professional version 4 server was licensed for 11 users, but was supporting over 20 BlackBerry users.“  It looked like the previous admin […]

Fixing the PHP Allowed Memory Size Exchausted Fatal Error in WordPress

When I logged on to post an update today, I was greeted with the error message: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 208834 bytes) in /public_html/* (where * represented the path to any file in the wp-admin portion of one of my blogs). The content/end-user portion of the blogs were showing […]

Stupidity Shield – how to keep from clicking on your own AdSense ads

Like most aspiring dot-com moguls, I am fairly dependent on staying in Google’s good graces.“  I’ve got $122.72 in my AdSense account right now, waiting for the next payout.“  If I manage to get my AdSense account suspended or banned, I won’t see a penny of it – ever.“  Since I try hard to keep […]