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WordPress advances

WordPress (which powers this site) announced a couple of major advances this week: Version 1.0 of WordPress MU – a multi-user version of Word Press, and bbPress – a forum software that integrates with WordPress. WordPressMU reaching 1.0 is a biggie – I tried an older version about a year ago, and it just didn’t […]

Novell Open Audio Podcasts

Novell has just announced Novell Open Audio – a series of podcasts hosted by ‘Reverend’ Ted Haeger, who spearheads Novell’s user community. The podcasts are billed as “focusing primarily on technical level discussions with product managers, engineers and others involved in Novell’s product development.” I’ have already listened to the first one which focuses on […]

How to become a hacker

Nat Friedman has an interesting article on his blog, entitled “How to become a hacker” – and by hacker, he means computer programmer. He lists the secret as this: Download the source code to the program you want to change Untar it on your hard drive Get it to build and run Open the source […]


I’ve been very interested in the series Linux Journal has been running on NX. They describe it as: “a new technology that allows one to run remote X11 sessions across slow or low-bandwidth network connections. User experience with NX is one of excellent responsiveness. Users with previous remote X11 session experience are stunned by NX’s […]


Novell has recently “opened” their development of SUSE Linux, creating a project called Open SUSE To clarify what Novell means when it says it is “opening” SUSE, Mancusi-Ungaro says “SUSE Linux is already open from a code perspective. [It] has not been open from a development perspective. Development was closed, beta was closed, and there […]

Free Software in Education

Tom Hoffman has an interesting post about free software being highlighted at NECC. All of the projects he mentions are worth checking out if you are not familiar with them: K12LTSP SchoolTool Cando Edubuntu A good listing of K-12 Open Source projects is the Edu Educational Application Index, maintained in conjunction with SchoolForge. If anyone […]

Recommended Firefox Extensions

I came across this post on Mecworks’ BLOG, and found it very interesting. I already used a couple of these extensions, but the rest are worht checking out. Thanks Marc! ————————————— Firefox is one of the best, if not the the best web browsers available today. It’s a poster child for the OpenSource movement and […]

Linux Torrents

Ran across this week. It’s a comprehensive list of torrents for Linux distributions. It’s useful for me because the torrent search sites I use to find Linux torrents keep shutting down (because of legal reasons) or are blocked by our ISP’s filtering software. Tweet

Basic Squid setup with file, domain, and ad blocking has a nice how-to on file, domain, and ad blocking with Squid. I found it extremely useful in setting up my squid box and thought I’d share. I used webmin to set up the ACLs, no no text editing was needed, but the premise is the same. Tweet

Jeremy Allison leaves HP to go to Novell

Allison is the chief engineer of Samba. Novell is really moving along nicely in their SUSE Linux offerings, and this won’t hurt that one bit! Tweet