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Corsaire White Paper: Securing Mac OS X

I just ran across the Corsaire White Paper: Securing Mac OS X via Slashdot. It’s a good read, and mentions quite a few things that should be in place for a mac with critical data, software, or network access. Tweet

VoIP growls on OS X

From Om Malik’s weblog: If you love OS-X, then there is more good news coming your way, thanks to yeoman’s effort by Benjamin Kowarsch, the genius who developed an OS-X installer for Asterisk, the open source PBX system. (You can download it from here!) VoIP Weblog points out that Benjamin is now leading an efforts […]

Script to ensure renaming of imaged Mac

I ran across this interesting script that checks to make sure that a Mac has been re-named after imaging, and queries for a new name if it hasn’t. Neat little tool, and I think it supplements my vb script that renames our PCs after imaging to their Dell service tag #. Tweet

Mac OS X and Novell eDirectory Integration

Following right on the heals of their article on Linux/eDirectory integration, this week’s CoolSolutions has a great story on Mac OS X and eDirectory integration. I’ve been wanting to give this a try for a while, since we’re still about 1/5 Mac. It’s a very in-depth read, and doesn’t look like the process has become […]