Disabling Java Automatic Updates on a Windows 2008 Terminal Server

Users were complaining about getting a Java update pop up window every time they logged into a terminal session.“  I had pushed out the appropriate registry settings via GP to prevent this on the desktops, but obviously something special needed to be done for the server.“  Aster doing a little research I found that there […]

How to restart Windows from a Remote Desktop session

This is one that stumped me for a couple of years when the schools I worked for switched from macs to Windows machines.“  I loved the ability to use Remote Desktop to control machines.“  The problem I frequently ran into was the inability to restart the machines. When you clicked on the “Start” menu, the […]

How to set up a signature in Microsoft Outlook 2003 Email

When looking for a guide on how to set up a signature in Microsoft Outlook, all of the guides I found were for Outlook 2007/2010 – so I thought I’d share my writeup for those other lost souls stuck on “legacy” software. 1)“ “ “ “ “  Select “Tools | Options…” from the menu in“ Outlook

Is Microsoft a BlackBerry Killer?

Internet Week has an interesting story about Microsoft’s aspirations to kill off Blackberry and make it’s upcoming Windows Mobile upgrade, code-named Magneto the kind of the handheld hill. The reasoning is there- why pay for Microsoft Exchange and RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server software if you can get all of the functionality from Exchange by itself? […]