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Disabling Java Automatic Updates on a Windows 2008 Terminal Server

Users were complaining about getting a Java update pop up window every time they logged into a terminal session.  I had pushed out the appropriate registry settings via GP to prevent this on the desktops, but obviously something special needed to be done for the server.  Aster doing a little research I found that there […]

How to restart Windows from a Remote Desktop session

This is one that stumped me for a couple of years when the schools I worked for switched from macs to Windows machines.  I loved the ability to use Remote Desktop to control machines.  The problem I frequently ran into was the inability to restart the machines. When you clicked on the “Start” menu, the […]

Office 2003 asking for location of SKUxxx.CAB

I was working on a machine at work today and after adding it to our domain and logging in for the firt time as myself, I kept getting errors where Office 2003 was asking for the location of a file called SKUxxx.CAB.  I couldn’t track down the original CDs (this computer has the Small Business version […]

How to set up a signature in Microsoft Outlook 2003 Email

When looking for a guide on how to set up a signature in Microsoft Outlook, all of the guides I found were for Outlook 2007/2010 – so I thought I’d share my writeup for those other lost souls stuck on “legacy” software. 1)      Select “Tools | Options…” from the menu in Outlook Tweet

All-Black logon screen on Windows 2003

Logging into the Windows 2003 Server felt like  Zaphod Beeblebrox trying to fly Mr Hotblack Desiato’s spaceship: “Every time you try to operate on of these weird black controls that are labelled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up black to let you know you’ve done it. What is this?” […]

Printing PDFs with a HP 1022n

I’ve got a user who was experiencing repeated issues printing PDFs to his HP 1022n printer.  About every 5-10 days,printing would grind to a halt, and the Print Spooler would repeatedly crash.  Usually a restart of the computer (or the Print Spooler service) would fix the problem, but it was rapidly becoming a major pain […]

Free VMWare Server?

CNet predicted that “VMware… will begin giving away one of its key products for free”, and it seems to be true! The “key product” is GSX server – their “lower end” software that runs on a Windows or Linux server. The re-branded product is now sinply called VMWare Server, and is completely free. My guess […]

Linux versus XP on the desktop

The Register has an interesting article about Linux vs. Win XP adoption on the desktop in England. The most interesting part is the results, of course (.PDF file) Tweet

Is Microsoft a BlackBerry Killer?

Internet Week has an interesting story about Microsoft’s aspirations to kill off Blackberry and make it’s upcoming Windows Mobile upgrade, code-named Magneto the kind of the handheld hill. The reasoning is there- why pay for Microsoft Exchange and RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server software if you can get all of the functionality from Exchange by itself? […]

‘easy bake’ .ISO’s to CDLinux and Windows

A couple of posts ago, I talked about mounting .iso files as virtual CDs, but what if you want to burn that file to a CD in order to give it to a friend? (only legal software like Linux distros, right?) I’ve been using two easy ways to do this for a while without having […]