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Fun with snakes

This week the drain started flowing slower and slower again. So I got out my handy dandy snake and got to work. I know that snaking out your own drains is way cheaper than hiring Mr. Plumber Buttcrack out to do the job. My sewer snake cost about $30 – which is a fraction of […]

It’s all about poop, teeth and shoes

One of my daughters school teachers said that childhood can be summed up in two words: teeth and shoes. I think that is because she is a teacher. If you are a parent it is 3 words. Poop, teeth and shoes. So this goes under the poop category: Our septic tank exploded. We figured being […]

Projects to date

Because some of the posts I’ll be putting up are in ‘flashback mode’ (after the fact), I’ll try and recap what we have bitten off so far: Removed 20 year old blue shag carpet – done before we even moved in. Lived with 50 year old wood flooring for four years because it was 10X […]


Here is the foundation of my latest folly – a 16 X 16′ bedroom addition: I’ll be the general contractor for it – subbing out the foundation and the framing/roofing but doing the rest myself. This was a nice compromise with my dear wife, so the shell will look done from the outside even if […]

Our American Nightmare

This is Our American Nightmare because it is certainly not the American dream we had in mind. We are renovating our house which was originally built in 1957. Hilarity ensues. Check back for the pratfalls. Tweet