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Buffalo TeraStation

Lots of buzz about the Buffalo TeraStation this week. The Register has a story, and I’ve read about it in a couple of other places (that I forgot to bookmark). With impressive specs like 1TB of storage, a 266MHz Freescale PowerPC processor, 512MB of SDRAM, a Realtek gigabit NIC, a RAID controller, and Linux-based firmware, […]

VNC via cell phone

KDDI and Hitachi Systems and Services have teamed up to bring “micro-VNC” to KDDI’s au phones. I’ve played around with VNC on palm/pocket pc’s and found it barely useable. I’m not sure what benefit porting it to a cell phone brings, but it’s still somehow impressive! Tweet

More SIP phones from Zultys

The article: ZIP 2: another entrant in the VoIP phone marketplace by ZDNet‘s Russell Shaw talks about the new ZIP2 line of phones from Zultys. Their website lists the following specs for the phones: ZIP 2+ ZIP 2P ZIP 2x2L ZIP 2×1 ZIP 2×2 Ethernet ports 1 1 2 1 2 PoE No Yes No […]

Road Cell Phone

Came across an interesting phone – the ROAD S101. Another phone that combines cell and wi-fi access, instead of blocking it like the Treo 650. It’ll be interesting to see if it ever makes it to the US. Tweet