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Telephone headset on the cheap

I needed a corded telephone with a corded headset for a part time job I was starting to work for.  I didn’t want to spend very much money for one, as I wasn’t sure how good a fit the job would be with my schedule and was a little leery about actually getting paid (it […]

CIT 200 – unregistered error & solution

Sometime after my review of Linksys’s CIT 200 cordless Skype phone, my phone claimed it was ‘unregistered’ and wouldn’t talk to the computer. Unfortunately, the manual does not tell you how to fix this situation. However, the Internet is a wealth of information and I came up with the following steps to fix the problem: […]

Free & Cordless Skype

Unless you are living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Skype offering free calls to the US and Canada for the rest of this year. While I think that open systems, based on SIP, like Project Gizmo are going to be the winners in the long run, you can’t beat free. With the free […]

Toms Networking Reviews Asterisk@Home

Tom’s Networking has a nice review of Asterisk@Home – it’s a nice read aimed at the tech literate who might be somewhat new to VoIP. If you’re looking for a live linux asterisk distro, Asterisk@Home is my personal preference. Tweet

VoIP growls on OS X

From Om Malik’s weblog: If you love OS-X, then there is more good news coming your way, thanks to yeoman’s effort by Benjamin Kowarsch, the genius who developed an OS-X installer for Asterisk, the open source PBX system. (You can download it from here!) VoIP Weblog points out that Benjamin is now leading an efforts […]

VoIP: Cisco buys Sipura for Linksys

Should be interesting, although I favored Sipura’s wares over Linksys – I wonder if they will lock them to a VoIP vendor like the existing Linksys ATAs or keep them open? From the press release: Cisco Systems today announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Sipura Technology, Inc. This represents Cisco’s first acquisition for its […]

Buslink USB GPRS/WiFi adapter

Interesting gadget from Buslink provides GPRS and WiFi via USB: Quick & Easy to connect: Simply plug into any PCs w/ USB port for Wireless LAN connection or slide in your cell phone’s removable SIM card – Features Wireless Network connection, allowing networking where other 802.11b devices may be present – for use on your […]

More Lessons on Skype

Interesting blog entry on VoIP / Skype: I like his point on branding. This is the 2nd of two posts. The 1st is worth reading as well. Tweet

Hacking Treo 650 for Verizon

According to engadget, Verizon customers have started converting Sprint Treo 650s for use on Verizon’s network. If if people are willing to go through such effort to geth them to work, they must be good, right? Or are they just another iPod like status symbol? Tweet

AstLinux VoIP server

AstLinux 0.2.4 VoIP server is now available. I’ve looked at this as an alternate to Asterisk@Home. The nice thing about this distro is that it can be booted from Flash ROM, USB, or CD – making it possible to make a VoIP server with potentially no moving parts. Tweet