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Speakeasy to Launch Business VoIP

It sounds like SpeakEasy will be announcing hosted VoIP with PBX-like features on Monday. The service, purpotedly aimed at businesses, should highlight Speakeasy’s advantage of being a high-speed ISP – being able to provide end-to-end quality of service, that other providers can not. Tweet

Avaya Touts IP Tech as ‘Transformational’

eWeek has an interesting interview with Don Peterson, CEO of VoIP vendor Avaya. Tweet

Avaya Touts IP Tech as ‘Transformational’

eWeek has an interesting interview with Don Peterson, CEO of VoIP vendor Avaya. Tweet

Cell-phone complaints: A sorry picture for Cingular/AT&T

Consumer’s Union (publisher of Consumer Reports) has released their annual report on complaints against cell carriers. The data seems to match my experiences – with Cingular, we have had few billing issues, but have had a fair number of service issues. It’s too bad, because I believe that most of the problems I encountered could […]

VNC via cell phone

KDDI and Hitachi Systems and Services have teamed up to bring “micro-VNC” to KDDI’s au phones. I’ve played around with VNC on palm/pocket pc’s and found it barely useable. I’m not sure what benefit porting it to a cell phone brings, but it’s still somehow impressive! Tweet

VoIP for the masses?

The Washing Post has a story on how Texas is suing Vonage because someone who failed to activate the 911 feature was unable to make 911 calls from their VoIP line. I thought it was interesting that this was one of the few articles that points out that: “Vonage notifies customers twice during the subscription […]

Another nail in the coffin for traditional telecom?

Another interesting announcement at CTIA was Motorola’s announcement of their Cellular Residential Gateway. Even though the sign next to it in the Wireless Home exhibit announced “Shipping Now”, details on it are murky with no sign of it on Motorola’s website. It appears to be similar to a cable modem/wireless router, but replacing the cable […]

Combo EDGE/GPRS/GSM/802.11 card from Sony Ericsson

At the recent CTIA show Sony Ericsson announced a new multimode PC card that supports EDGE/GPRS/GSM/ and 802.11b/g. In my opinion, this would have been great news 6-12 months ago. Now most laptops are coming with 802.11 support built in, and this doesn’t give a traveler much of an edge unless they have an older […]

Why does everyone fear nonexistent wireless VoIP?

Why does everyone fear nonexistent wireless VoIP? Is the question Mike Masnick asks on The Feature this week. From the article: “You can’t really go a month in the wireless world without hearing of the next big “threat” to some wireless technology. This month it’s wireless VoIP that’s going to take down just about everything […]

Cell/WiFI combo devices on the horizon

I’m glad to see that the cell providers and handset/PDA companies are finally starting to ‘get it’. Some heartening news this week that brings me to this conclusion. eWeek has a story about the cell providers testing IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) in their phones in addition or in replacement to their current UMA (Unlicensed Mobile […]