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Adblock vs Google Adsense

One of my favorite things about Firefox is the Adblock/Filterset.G extension combination. I don’t mind some ads, but when most of the pages I go to have more whirling and spinning that a county fair, it makes me motion-sick! The 1-2 punch of Adblock and Filterset.G knock ads out, and keeps them out (without you […]

Website Analysis – StatCounter

StatCounter is by far my favorite log analysis software. It’s free, easy to use, and gives you great info about the visitors to your site. Tweet

Website Analysis – Google Analytics

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make noise? If you have a great website, and no one goes to it, is it still a great website? The point is, if you don’t know who is going to your site, and why, you can’t adjust […]

Web Developer’s Handbook

I’m not sure how a good web developer could put together such an ugly page, but the Web Devoloper’s Handbook is definitely chock full of everything you could ever want to know about web design. One of my favorite sections is Royalty Free Photos, which lead me to morgueFile – a non morbid site with […] – Connecting Wikipedia articles with their locations cleverly lets you link Wikipedia articles to Google Maps data. It’s interesting to see the combination of two great Internet resources together. Tweet

A Color Portrait of the English Language

It’s a map of 33,000 English nouns. Each noun is assigned a tiny rectangle who’s color is based on an internet image search for that noun. It’s interesting so see what causes some of the color aberations – for example “overrun” is bright breen, because it is showing MRTG server useage charts – plotted in […]

Google News RSS Feeds

From the Google blog: Posted by Vijay Boyapati, Software Engineer “For some time now, the Google News team has noticed a steady uptick in feature requests for feed support. We are happy to announce that starting today you’ll be able to get Google News results in two feed flavors, Atom and RSS. You can use […]

Recommended Firefox Extensions

I came across this post on Mecworks’ BLOG, and found it very interesting. I already used a couple of these extensions, but the rest are worht checking out. Thanks Marc! ————————————— Firefox is one of the best, if not the the best web browsers available today. It’s a poster child for the OpenSource movement and […]

Network hardware thoughts

When first having bandwidth problems, I was wondering if purchasing a proxy server (like a Cisco Content Engine) and a bandwidth limiting/packet shaping (al la Packeteer) would be what I would have to do. I was also looking at a $20,000+ price tag for these two boxes, and was going to have to deep-six my […]

Basic Squid setup with file, domain, and ad blocking has a nice how-to on file, domain, and ad blocking with Squid. I found it extremely useful in setting up my squid box and thought I’d share. I used webmin to set up the ACLs, no no text editing was needed, but the premise is the same. Tweet