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Star Wars the ASCII way

Enjoy the Star Wars saga, rendered entirely in ASCII animation. I only wish I had this much time on my hands – perhaps I can do the Clone Wars when I retire. Tweet

Smurfs’ Christmas Special

My favorite find this Holiday Season: Tweet

All I Want for Christmas…..

The Dungeons & Dragons Complete Cartoon Series will be out December 5th, making it the perfect present for the geek (or ex-geek) on your list. Tweet

Get your 80’s fix at Retrojunk.com

I haven’t thought of or seen Zack the Lego Maniac in decades, but I had no problem recognizing him when I saw his commercial on Retrojunk.com Get your fix for the best of the 70s and 80s culture from retrojunk, or just use it as a handy guide to explain to your children why you […]

Coin Stacking

Mitch Fincher describes coin stacking as “a fun hobby for kids, college students and adults.” He included tutorials on how to get started, allowing you to get up to speed on building cantilevered structures with Pennies. Most amazing are the pictures others have submitted of their coin based creations. I’m amazed that some of these […]


Take the two geekiest things you can think of, D&D and Legos. Combine them togetherand shake vigorously – the result is BrickQuest. Just remember, I get to be the BrickMaster, OK? Tweet

Do not press the big red button!

It’s true. They don’t want you to press the bug red button. For real, they’re not kdding. But if you need to find out for yourself, you can press the big red button here.It’s true. They don’t want you to press the bug red button. For real, they’re not kdding. But if you need to […]

What’s that Bug?

So, you have found a weird looking critter around the house, and once you stop screaming want to know if it will eat your children. Who ya gonna call? Whatsthatbug.com, of course. These guys will tell you what you have found, if it is dangerous, etc. If your picture is creepy enough, you might even […]

Flags of the World

How well do you know the flags of the world? This game allows you to put you knowledge to the test, giving you hints including: maps, neighbors, contenents and national alntems (big help that is!). But be careful – each hint takes points away from your overall score. Tweet

Death by Caffeine

How much Dr. Pepper will it take to kill you? Will you fare any better with Mr. Pibb? Thanks to Death by Caffeine, I learned that I can only drink 266 cans of Dr. Pepper before the caffeine does me in. I could drink 273 cans of Mr. Pibb before knocking off. And my favorite, […]