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Live Asterisk CD

After browsing the list of Live Linux CDs this morning, I started wondering if there were live distros of Asterisk or sipX. After a little googling, I came up with the Asterisk Live! CD. It’s put together by Andy Powell, the author of the original Getting Started With Asterisk guide.

So far, I’ve downloaded it and it boots in VMWare. For those of you who missed the root password like me, it’s “EPPING”. You can also view the README online.

I also plan on checking out Xorcom Rapid , a one disk install of Debian with Asterisk. or Asterisk @ Home , which is said to have an easy web-based GUI. I’ll post results when I have a chance to play with it. I’ve got to pick up a phone still, and figure out who to get the gateways working – so don’t hold your breath, though!

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