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How to save money and get free shipping

Anymore, there’s nothing you can’t find online.  Hard to find items (like a card “shoe”) can be hard to find locally, but are easy to find online.  Prices for items bought online can be a steal as well at least until you fork out for shipping and handling.  Sometimes you can get a code for free shipping and handling or discounts on the things you buy online, but it’s frustrating to have to wait for these deals to come around.  Here are some strategies to get free shipping and handling anytime:

  • Use specialty sites for getting free shipping or discount codes anytime.  The most popular are and .  Some examples of specials you can get through these sites are:
  • Another way to save on shipping is to use a “ship to store” or “site to store” service.  Most retailers have numerous items on their websites that are not available in stores.  However, many will ship the product to a nearby store for free, allowing you to pick it up at your convenience.  Stores that offer this service include: WalMart, Best Buy, Sears, and Staples.
  • also has a service called “Super Saver Shipping“, when you enroll in their Amazon Prime membership for $79 per year.  While it’s not entirely free because of the annual cost, it’s fairly easy to recoup the cost over a year.  You get free 2nd day shipping on many items, and can upgrade to overnight shipping for $4 per item.  You also get free access to over 5,000 streaming TV shows and movies with their service, so it’s an interesting offer.

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