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Automatic WordPress Backup

Automatic WordPress Backup is a great utility plug-in for WordPress that can provide safe, secure off-site backup of your WordPress blogs for pennies a day.“  I installed it on all four of my company’s websites yesterday (two production & two development sites) with no problem at all. The hardest part of the whole process was signing up for Amazon’s Webservices‘“  S3 Storage offering,“  and that was only difficult because I dropped my credit card between the wall and the desk and hard to fish it out with a yardstick and masking tape!“  I was able to install, activate, and complete a backup of all 4 sites in less than 15 minutes!

While there is a cost to backup to Amazon S3 servers, the cost for the four fairly large websites has been averaging“  $0.03 a day – which averages out to $2.74 per site per year!“  Definitely worth the peace of mind I’ll be getting from having a secure offsite backup of the website created each night.

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