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eWeek review of Zultys MX250 Media Exchange

It took me a while to get to this one, but last week’s eWeek has an interesting review of ZultysMX250. I’ve been intrigued by their advertisements of inexpensive VoIP systems, and have ready very positive reviews of their phones.

The downside seems to be very restrictive licensing. According to the article, the report detailing their licensing options is 25 pages long! Thanks, but no thanks – that type of micro-managed penny squeezing doesn’t sit well with me.

The article also goes to show how the phones and per-phone license fees can really balloon the costs of an implementation. The Base MX250 is only $3,000 – and supports up to 250 users, but comes with no phones or licenses. After adding the phones and the licenses the total cost for 250 users is now over $44,000 – talk about sticker shock!

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