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An interesting Cell to landline adapter

I’ve been shopping for a new phone, and one of my considerations (although low on the list) was getting one that would work with Cingular’s Fast Forward Service. None of the phones I like work with the service, so I gave up on it for dead. Until I ran across PhoneLabs’ Dock ‘n’ Talk. Unlike Cingular’s service, it doesn’t save minutes by re-routing your calls, but it allows your cell phone to basically become an analog line to your phone service. Now, the cool thing about this is I mainly wanted to not have to ‘mind’ two different phones while at my desk.

Now I’ve seen devices like this before, but the cool thing about this one is it connects via cables or Bluetooth, so a whole heap of phones are compatible (over 400). The Bluetooth also means you don’t need to replace cables or docks when switching phones. You can take incoming and make outgoing calls via it if desired. For a home user the free nights and weekends long distance could help defray the $140 cost quickly.

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