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Music Thing

I’ve always had a love of music, and a pretty strong music background – I was in a band in college and managed a music store (guitar and drums, not LP and CD) for several years. I’m not sure if it’s beacuse of this, or in spite of it, but the Music Thing blog always bring a smile to my face. Their recent entry on Mark Wood has to be my favorite this month:

So, I’ve written about Mark Wood and his $3,500 seven-string fretted Flying V-shaped violins before. But that was before ‘loneguitarist’ posted this [4mb QT] video of Mark’s old band Voodoo Violince (do you see what he’s done there?) In the video he’s playing the violin on the left – which has a huge red hand pressing against his chest, and seems to be attached to him by some kind of leather choker.

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