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Got Memory?

At my new company, all of the computers are custom builds, and they all seem to have a different motherboard in them.“  Looking up the memory specs for the different boards can get to be a real pain.“  Knowing how much RAM each slot will take, and weather it’s a DDR, DDR2, or DDR3 chip can be hard to tell from hundreds of miles away.“  I’ve found two tools that make this process a lot less painfull:

The first is CPU-Z by CPUID.“  This handy little freeware utility gives you the lowdown on the CPU, motherboard, memory and OS information of your systems.“  “  When trying to identify the components of a whitebox computer remotely from hundreds of miles away, this tool is the best.

The other tool is the Crucial System Scanner tool.“  This cool tool will run from a network share or flash drive, with no installation needed.“  Once it runs, it gives you a nice readout with information on what board/chipset you have, how much memory is currently installed, and what RAM will work with your system.“  Crucial will of course be happy to sell you compatible memory, but armed with the information they’ve given you you can search around for the best memory for the price.

A nice bag of tricks that takes all of the guesswork out of memory upgrades.“  Thanks CPUID and Crucial!


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