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Identity Manager: AD to NDS sync fixed

I got three more emails today from staff members who were not in our Help desk software (because their accounts never made it to Active Directory from NDS), so I decided to dig a little deeper into the problem.

Looking at the DirXML console, I noticed some users were erroring out with the message: “problem 1005 (CONSTANT_ATT_TYPE), Atta 0, AttphysicalDeliveryOfficeNamephysicalDeliveryOfficeName)”.

Now I already knew “physicalDeliveryOfficeName” mapped to the NDS Location value from setting up our help desk software. Looking at the users they had one thing in common: Read More »Identity Manager: AD to NDS sync fixed

Identity Manager (or not!)

This summer we installed Identity Manager on one of our NetWare boxes, and anticipated loads of extra free time from a reduced user management work

  1. Allow for user password self-service
  2. Sync GroupWise passwords with NDS passwords
  3. Import staff accounts into AD from NDS

Users expect to be able to reset their own passwords with a challenge-response system. So far this part of the system is working great – however we haven’t rolled it out across all users as we need to develop some training so that when the 1st day that logging in will ask you to answer questions comes that users know what to do.

The other two options could prove to be significant time savers. Having GroupWise sync with NDS – especially when initially creating users should reduce administration time quite a bit. AD sync will allow all of the millions of Windows apps that are AD aware to use the account info in AD and save boatloads of time by not requiring separate account administration.

In reality, I’m fairly disappointed with what we have so far…
Read More »Identity Manager (or not!)

Novell Open Audio Podcasts

Novell has just announced Novell Open Audio – a series of podcasts hosted by ‘Reverend’ Ted Haeger, who spearheads Novell’s user community. The podcasts are billed as “focusing primarily on technical level discussions with product managers, engineers and others involved… Read More »Novell Open Audio Podcasts

Zenworks 7 Imaging

From evilzenscientist’s blog: “evilzenscientist :: thoughts � ZENworks 7 imaging: “ZENworks OS imaging has always been based on the Linux kernel – it’s fast, efficient, has a great networking stack and is also extensible. None of the problems of DOS… Read More »Zenworks 7 Imaging


Novell has recently “opened” their development of SUSE Linux, creating a project called Open SUSE To clarify what Novell means when it says it is “opening” SUSE, Mancusi-Ungaro says “SUSE Linux is already open from a code perspective. [It] has… Read More »Open SUSE

isolinux.cfg tweak for bootable CDs

I ran across this interesting article on configuring the isolinux.cfg on ZenWorks imaging CDs to allow booting to the local hard drive after a timeout.