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BlackBerry Professional to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express migration

When I started working for my new employer, one of the biggest problems staring me in the face was an aging BlackBerry Professional server. Running on an aging Windows 2000 server, this BB Professional version 4 server was licensed for 11 users, but was supporting over 20 BlackBerry users.“  It looked like the previous admin would set up users, and then delete them, adding other users.“  The deleted users would keep syncing until the server was rebooted.“  Not an ideal situation, to say the least.

The solution was obvious – migrate the users to the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software.“  It’s free, has better support for Exchange 2007, and did I mention, that its free?“  I had it downloaded and installed on our Exchange server in a matter of minutes.“  I set up my BB on it, and soon had email flowing smoothly to it.“  The big problem was: how do I get 22 BlackBerries spread across two states in the hands of very non-technical users?“ Read More »BlackBerry Professional to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express migration

Intel Modular Server

I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve been learning about the recently introduced Intel Modular Server as late. With the ability to house six server blades and fourteen Serial Attached SCSI drives it’s a datacenter in a 6U box (or… Read More »Intel Modular Server

“I am not dead”

No, not me! I’m quoting my favorite author, Terry Pratchett who recently revealed that he’s suffering from a form of early Alzheimer’s disease. He seems to be taking it pretty well saying: Frankly, I would prefer it if people kept… Read More »“I am not dead”

converting video

This weekend my wife asked me to help her put together some videos for her cooking website. Since I was playing with Adobe Premiere Elements anyways, I thought it would be no problem at all. My outlook changed once she… Read More »converting video