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Identity Manager: AD to NDS sync fixed

I got three more emails today from staff members who were not in our Help desk software (because their accounts never made it to Active Directory from NDS), so I decided to dig a little deeper into the problem.

Looking at the DirXML console, I noticed some users were erroring out with the message: “problem 1005 (CONSTANT_ATT_TYPE), Atta 0, AttphysicalDeliveryOfficeNamephysicalDeliveryOfficeName)”.

Now I already knew “physicalDeliveryOfficeName” mapped to the NDS Location value from setting up our help desk software. Looking at the users they had one thing in common: all had multiple Location entries in NDS. TID 10097756 confirmed that this was the problem – and replacing the multiple location entries with a single one fwalkthroughoblem.

There is a walkthrough on the Cool Solutions siteMulti tells how to convert a Multi-valued Attribute to a Single-valued, Comma-delimited String. It can be found at automatically – pretty slick stuff. It’s
apparently a ‘featuDirXML both Identity Manager/DirXML and AD that users with more than one physical office location are skipped. Being a school district, we have dozens of staff that move from location to location and it’s nice to be able to keep track of their multiple building assignments in the network directory. Just another example of how the more I dig into Active Directory, the more I like NDS.

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