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Asterisk@Home follow-up

Just a quick update on Asterisk@Home.

1st – they have come out with two new versions since I’ve given it a go – I’m downloading v6 as we speak.

2nd – Install was no problem, I got it up and running with a very minimum of effort. I do not have any cards in my test machine, but it appears to be capable of detecting and installing most of them.

3rd – All management functions are available via the web -this can be a true “headless” box. I’ve upload pictures for:
the AMP (Asterisk management portal)
log view
built in web-editor for editing the .conf files

4th – I’ve been using X-Lite softphone software for testing – it works on Windows or OS X, and I’ve been very happy with it.

5th – Asterisk connections to FWD don’t seem to work through NAT, so I’m either going to have to move this box to a public IP address or skip using FWD as a test connection.

Next steps: Actual SIP phones and getting the MultiVoip gateway talking to it.

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