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Blackberry adds IM to devices

BlackBerry 7290 RIM has just announced it will be adding AOL and Yahoo IM capability to their Blackberry products.

I’ve been looking at replacing my cell phone & PDA with a combo device, and have been intrigued by RIM’s Blackberries. We run GroupWise at work, and I was impressed by the BlackBerry/Groupwise webinar I recently saw. I demoed

a BlackBerry 7290 from Cingular and was fairly impressed. If only the Blackberry had bluetooth/infared DUN and EDGE compatibility (for emergency laptop access) I’d be buying them for quite a few of my staff – especially since you can get them for ~$200/ea! But with unlimited data running $49.99/mo and no bluetooth data (or speakerphone), I’ll stick with a cell phone (MediaNet unlimited $24.99) and PDA combo for now.

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