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Combo EDGE/GPRS/GSM/802.11 card from Sony Ericsson

At the recent CTIA show Sony Ericsson announced a new multimode PC card that supports EDGE/GPRS/GSM/ and 802.11b/g. In my opinion, this would have been great news 6-12 months ago. Now most laptops are coming with 802.11 support built in, and this doesn’t give a traveler much of an edge unless they have an older laptop. What I would find exciting, would be the same features in a SDIO or CF card – bringing these combined features to PDAs who usually have limited expansion slots. And while I’m dreaming – go ahead and add a couple of hundred MB of storage to it as well… Seriously, I could also see a EDGE/GPRS/GSM and EV-DO combo card vary sensational as well – it would be nice to have Verizon’s faster speeds when available, but be able to fall back on the slower, but more widely available, EDGE as a backup.

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