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Novell Announces Enhancements for GroupWise

Novell to deliver new product features, 10-year extended support commitment and pre-bundled Linux with upcoming version of leading collaboration product”

At this week’s BrainShare conference, Novell made some nice announcements about GroupWise. Announced upcoming features are: enhanced client code for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and the Web, support for Microsoft Outlook, and new SOAP/XML interfaces to support integration.

They also will be kicking in a free copy of SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server starting with GroupWise “Sequoia”, so it looks like they will keep focusing on making GroupWise work on Linux in addition to the Netware stack.

Finally, the extension of the support window for GroupWise through 2015 makes those of us who continue to run GroupWise able to breathe a little easier, knowing we’re not sailing on an already sinking ship.

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