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K-12 Data Warehousing

I’ve been doing some research on K-12 Data Warehouses. At our most recent administrative meeting, data analysis was of big interest and I’m fairly sure that this is going to be one of our big pushes this year.

So far I’ve run across the following companies that seem to work with the K-12 market in this area:

Tetra Data

Battelle for Kids seems to have some resources as well, but it’s very hard to see exactly they offer what from their website. We were involved with their ALIGN Ohio project and dropped out after the first year as it wasn’t a good fit for our district.

We have a lot of data available through DaSL (Data for Student Learning), but the progress to implement this by the MCOECN has been painfully slow.

I’m not sure how much care and feeding a data warehouse will take – we already have a couple of mission-critical SQL servers around, and I’m hoping it won’t be much harder than any of them. We’ll see as the saga continues.


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