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Webserver on a stick

I ran across brswebweaver after running across a flash drive that claimed to be a portable webserver. It looks like a very handy (and free) way to have a portable test server for web developmentwhatever you need a portable web server for. For those Wanting the full AMP treatment, WOS (web server on a stick) brings you favorite open source trio together in a portable package.

Both of the packages, are windows-only, making me wonder if I could make one jump drive work across windows, OS X and Linux.“  I know I could probably get locally installed Apache & mySQL on Linux to hostfiles from flash with a little scripting… but what about OS X?“  I don’t believe mySQL is installed by default, and I do’t think PHP is either.“  Could the likes of Apache Friends’ XAMPP be rigged to run from a memory stick?“  This could come in realy handy for me, as I do my developmentabout 50% mac and 50% XP, and would love to be able to test off of my powerbook – even when offfline.

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