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CIT 200 – unregistered error & solution

Sometime after my review of Linksys’s CIT 200 cordless Skype phone, my phone claimed it was ‘unregistered’ and wouldn’t talk to the computer. Unfortunately, the manual does not tell you how to fix this situation. However, the Internet is a wealth of information and I came up with the following steps to fix the problem:1) Hold down the button on the base station until the LED light starts flashing quickly (about 10 sec.)

2) Register the phone by pressing the menu button (just under the screen, on the left hand side) and selecting ‘register’.

3) Next the phone will ask for the registration code. The default code is ‘0000’, which should work unless you have changed it. That’s it! Your phone should now be reconnected to your base station and you should be back to making calls

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