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Stupidity Shield – how to keep from clicking on your own AdSense ads

Like most aspiring dot-com moguls, I am fairly dependent on staying in Google’s good graces.“  I’ve got $122.72 in my AdSense account right now, waiting for the next payout.“  If I manage to get my AdSense account suspended or banned, I won’t see a penny of it – ever.“  Since I try hard to keep my sites well within the AdSense policies, the only way I’d get into trouble is if I get click bombed or I accidentally click on my own ads.“  There is some software you can use to prevent a click-bombing, but the most effective thing you can do if it happens to you is report it to Google and pray. A lot.

Preventing accidental clicks on your own ads is a lot“  easier.“  I use a script (originally written by Michael Hampton) that works with Greasemonkey (and Firefox, as there is no IE version) that prevents any clicks on ads with your unique publisher ID.

Here are some step by step instructions:

  1. Install Firefox if you already haven’t done so. You can download it from
  2. InstallGreasemonkey by going here. Click on the “Install Now” button.“  You’ll need to restart Firefox to complete the installation.
  3. Get your AdSense Publisher ID – it will look like PUB-1234567. It will be in the code Google has you post into your blog or website.
  4. Install the script by clicking here. Enter your Publisher ID when it asks for it.
  5. You can test your setup by clicking on the “Ads by Google” link above your AdSense ads. If everything is set up right, those clicks won’t work (won’t take you to the AdSense website).“  Clicking on that link on someone else’s site still should.
  6. Profit! Enjoy raking in those six-figure checks.

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