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How to set up a signature in Microsoft Outlook 2003 Email

When looking for a guide on how to set up a signature in Microsoft Outlook, all of the guides I found were for Outlook 2007/2010 – so I thought I’d share my writeup for those other lost souls stuck on “legacy” software.

1)“ “ “ “ “  Select “Tools | Options…” from the menu in“ Outlook

2)“ “ “ “ “  Go to the “Mail Format” tab and click “Signatures…” under “Signatures”

3)“ “ “ “ “  Click on the “New” button

4)“ “ “ “ “  Type the new signature’s desired name and then click “Next”

5)“ “ “ “ “  Type (or copy and paste) the desired text of your signature under “Edit signature”, then click “OK”

6)“ “ “ “ “  In order to have the signature automatically show up in outbound emails, select the name you chose under the “Signature for new messages” dropdown, then click “OK”.

7)“ “ “ “ “  In order to have an image show up properly, you will need to first save it to your hard drive (for example, in “My Pictures”).“  Then right-click where you want it in the signature and select “Insert Image”.

8)“ “ “ “ “  Browse to the “Picture Source” on your computer.“  You will want to pick alignment of either “Left” or “Right” depending on where you want it in your signature. You will also want to set both horizontal and vertical spacing (in the bottom left hand corner) to between 3-7 to prevent the test from cutting off the image — 3 is a good default value.“  Click “OK” to insert the image.


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