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Office 2003 asking for location of SKUxxx.CAB

I was working on a machine at work today and after adding it to our domain and logging in for the firt time as myself, I kept getting errors where Office 2003 was asking for the location of a file called“ SKUxxx.CAB.“  I couldn’t track down the original CDs (this computer has the Small Business version installed on it – I have a million 2003 Professional, but they didn’t work).“  I thought I was out of luck and would have to buy another copu of Office to get this machine working when I ran across this tip at

When Microsoft Office 2003 is asking for the location of SKUxxx.CAB, but won’t find
it when you provide the location of the install CD:

Go into the registry:


Change CDCache to 0“  (not 2 or 1)

It worked like a charm, and I’m back to work again!


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