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CPAP Hacking

So I have this CPAP I wear at night to keep me breathing.“  It’s a pain in the butt, but I like to breathe, so I wear it.“  I got a new one a ways back that has been driving me crazy – the pressure is “locked” so I can’t take my tiny screwdriver and increase the pressure when I have a cold and get all congested.“  Nothing bugs me more than someone telling me that I’m too stupid to take care of things myself – locking me out of things for “my own good”.“  But in the words or Mr. Universe: “You can’t stop the signal”.“  Google lead me to a forum where the secrets of the F&P HD221LE were revealed.

To adjust the pressure:

  1. Turn on the CPAP, noting the pressure setting in the LED display on the right hand side of the CPAP.
  2. Turn the CPAP back off.
  3. Open the little panel to the right hand side of the LED display.
  4. Turn the Heat setting to “0”.
  5. Turn the machine on while holding in the ramp button.
  6. Wait for a zero with dashes on either side to appear in the LED display.
  7. Turn the heat setting to four.
  8. Change the pressure by turning the little dial inside the panel on the right hand side of the CPAP.“  Left means less pressure, right means less.“  You should hear the pressure raise/lower while you turn the knob.
  9. Turn the heat setting to Three.
  10. Press the Ramp button again. The CPAP will go back into “normal” mode and will show what you have set the pressure to.

Obviously you should take extreme care adjusting your CPAP or you could blow your sinuses up or something.“  You should probably check with your medical professional before blowing your nose, so don’t come lookin to me if you hurt yourself with this gem of knowledge I’ve provided.

Happy sleeping folks!

2 thoughts on “CPAP Hacking”

  1. I did one better. I built a home made CPAP machine. It turns out that I have the obstructive aleep apnea but I discovered it by lying on my back and noticed it before falling asleep. This not only gave ne a self diagnosis but I also get to titrate the needed pressure and it worked out. The first time (last century) I rigged the little but good blower to a gas mask and fell asleep as I “test piloted” the device. My modern version has the same centrifugal blower but hooked to what looks like a fighter pilot’s mask. Sooner or later, I’ll have a dream where I’m flying a Grumman F-14 Tomcat!

    This is a classic “do not try at home” thing!

  2. 1) get a sleep studdy done, This will tell you your lowest pressure settings like 10mm h2o.

    2)go to cpap store, try out a few masks.
    4 go to e-bay and buy mask and hose
    5) find an enclosure the size of a shoe box, basically acts as an accumulator.
    6) place a computer fan in one side 80mm-120mm
    7) use an old computer power supply to power it.
    8) use a 100kohm pot to adjust pressure.
    9) use a glass of water and a metric ruler.
    10 place ruler in the water, the top water line is your measurements from the sleep study, and the end of the hose at the 0 end of the ruler. When air starts coming out your at your pressure level.

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