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wireless meets SD storage in the Eye-Fi

I believe the perfect gadget has just been released in the Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card. This amazing little gadget combines a 2GB flash memory SD card and a full-blown Wi-Fi adapter into one tiny bundle. With this bad boy in your camera, you can take pictures and wirelessly upload them to your computer or […]

WordPress advances

WordPress (which powers this site) announced a couple of major advances this week: Version 1.0 of WordPress MU – a multi-user version of Word Press, and bbPress – a forum software that integrates with WordPress. WordPressMU reaching 1.0 is a biggie – I tried an older version about a year ago, and it just didn’t […]

Adblock vs Google Adsense

One of my favorite things about Firefox is the Adblock/Filterset.G extension combination. I don’t mind some ads, but when most of the pages I go to have more whirling and spinning that a county fair, it makes me motion-sick! The 1-2 punch of Adblock and Filterset.G knock ads out, and keeps them out (without you […]

Datacenter upgrade

It’s finally starting to calm down from our datacenter upgrade. The new APC racks are in, the servers are all re-configured and installed in the racks. It’s been an incredible journey, and I for one am glad it’s nearly over. We ran into just about every problem we could – fiber was broken (over 16 […]

I’m not dead yet!

No, I’m not dead – just been keeping very busy personally & professionally. We just returned from Florida to have my daughter have more visits with Dr. Bradstreet for her Aspergers/Autism. We were down for two weeks and made really good progress. If you have a child with Autism or ADD run, don’t walk to […]

VMWare Server Beta update

When I wrote about VMWare Server Beta, I was excited about the possibilities that it would create. I soon found myself in a position to put it to the test. The server hosting our Groupwise Webaccess kept abending, and Novell recommended that I not run mod_hdirs, mod_auth_edir, webaccess and a couple of other oddities on […]

Top ten ways to reduce software costs

I ran across the whitepaper “Top ten ways to reduce software costs” (PDF) on the Novell Cool Solutions site.  It’s an interesting read – and somewhat amusing to read a Novell document giving hints on saving money when purchasing Microsoft products! Tweet

Webserver on a stick

I ran across brswebweaver after running across a flash drive that claimed to be a portable webserver. It looks like a very handy (and free) way to have a portable test server for web developmentwhatever you need a portable web server for. For those Wanting the full AMP treatment, WOS (web server on a stick) […]

Free VMWare Server?

CNet predicted that “VMware… will begin giving away one of its key products for free”, and it seems to be true! The “key product” is GSX server – their “lower end” software that runs on a Windows or Linux server. The re-branded product is now sinply called VMWare Server, and is completely free. My guess […] – Connecting Wikipedia articles with their locations cleverly lets you link Wikipedia articles to Google Maps data. It’s interesting to see the combination of two great Internet resources together. Tweet