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Free VMWare Server?

CNet predicted that “VMware… will begin giving away one of its key products for free”, and it seems to be true! The “key product” is GSX server – their “lower end” software that runs on a Windows or Linux server. The re-branded product is now sinply called VMWare Server, and is completely free. My guess […]


I’ve been very interested in the series Linux Journal has been running on NX. They describe it as: “a new technology that allows one to run remote X11 sessions across slow or low-bandwidth network connections. User experience with NX is one of excellent responsiveness. Users with previous remote X11 session experience are stunned by NX’s […]


Novell has recently “opened” their development of SUSE Linux, creating a project called Open SUSE To clarify what Novell means when it says it is “opening” SUSE, Mancusi-Ungaro says “SUSE Linux is already open from a code perspective. [It] has not been open from a development perspective. Development was closed, beta was closed, and there […]

Linux Torrents

Ran across this week. It’s a comprehensive list of torrents for Linux distributions. It’s useful for me because the torrent search sites I use to find Linux torrents keep shutting down (because of legal reasons) or are blocked by our ISP’s filtering software. Tweet

Setting up a Linux NFS Install Source for Your LAN

Great howto on setting up a Linux NFS Install Source for SUSE Linux. Aimed a relative Linux newbies (ie: I understood it….) Tweet

Linux versus XP on the desktop

The Register has an interesting article about Linux vs. Win XP adoption on the desktop in England. The most interesting part is the results, of course (.PDF file) Tweet

Installing GroupWise on SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server

Another great walkthrough from the folks over at Novell’s Cool Solutions. Tweet

Novell Announces Enhancements for GroupWise

“Novell to deliver new product features, 10-year extended support commitment and pre-bundled Linux with upcoming version of leading collaboration product” At this week’s BrainShare conference, Novell made some nice announcements about GroupWise. Announced upcoming features are: enhanced client code for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and the Web, support for Microsoft Outlook, and new SOAP/XML interfaces to […]

Authenticating SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 and NLD to eDirectory via LDAP

Cool Solutions strikes again with a great document on authenticating SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 and NLD to eDirectory via LDAP. I’ve had this project on the “back burner” for some time now in conjunction with LTSP, and this walkthrough will make it a bit easier, since it looks like it corrects some of the […]

‘easy bake’ .ISO’s to CDLinux and Windows

A couple of posts ago, I talked about mounting .iso files as virtual CDs, but what if you want to burn that file to a CD in order to give it to a friend? (only legal software like Linux distros, right?) I’ve been using two easy ways to do this for a while without having […]