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Intel Modular Server

I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve been learning about the recently introduced Intel Modular Server as late. With the ability to house six server blades and fourteen Serial Attached SCSI drives it’s a datacenter in a 6U box (or… Read More »Intel Modular Server

Free & Cordless Skype

Unless you are living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Skype offering free calls to the US and Canada for the rest of this year. While I think that open systems, based on SIP, like Project Gizmo are going to be the winners in the long run, you can’t beat free. With the free offer, I signed up for Skype, and tested it a bit with a wired headset. I was pretty impressed with the quality, but couldn’t see a lot of use for it day to day.

This weekend, however I was at Radio Shack to pick up some cable & a cordless phone to add an extension to my office. As they were having a store closing sale, I thought I’d checkto see if they had Hummer games cheap (they have a C64 on a chip in them, which I want to mod into a working C64 laptop/handheld). Right next to them, they had the Linksys cordless Skype phone. Coincidentilly, the sale price on the Linksys was the same as the spool of cable and the cordless I had in my hands. So I picked up the Linksys, took it home, and gave it whirl. Read More »Free & Cordless Skype

Terastation update

My earlier post on the Buffalo TeraStation has been one of the biggest draws to my blog to date. Obviously a lot on interest on it! At least, enough for someone to set up a Wiki on hacking (or working… Read More »Terastation update

Copy between USB devices with no computer?

An interesting writeup of the Sync Box USB II caught my eye. It boasts the ability to copy data between two USB devices with no computer. Would be useful for dumping digital photos to a memory key or similar applications.