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DVDs on SUSE 10

James Ogley has a post on his blog about watching DVDs on SUSE 10. I just finished loading it on one of my workstations and was dissapointed that this functionality was missing. One more reason to be thankful for the VideoLAN project (even if they doe have the stupidest icon ever).

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  1. A lot of people overlook that there is only one mainstream OS that ships with DVD player capability built in: Mac. Windows doesn’t have any native DVD playing capabilities. DVD codecs and player software, such as WinDVD, come from the OEMs. Suddenly Mac makes sense: Apple is actually an OEM that happens to make a the OS that runs on their hardware
    What does this mean for Linux? Seems that the OEMs who provide the software for DVD could offer choice. Since LinDVD is on its way from the makers of WinDVD, and WinDVD is the primary player distributed by OEMs, this could bode well for Linux.
    I guess we’ll see over time.

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