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Adblock vs Google Adsense

Get Firefox!One of my favorite things about Firefox is the Adblock/Filterset.G extension combination. I don’t mind some ads, but when most of the pages I go to have more whirling and spinning that a county fair, it makes me motion-sick! The 1-2 punch of Adblock and Filterset.G knock ads out, and keeps them out (without you having to keep manually blocking new ads or ad servers).

The only problem is, for webmasters who use adsense (like me) you have to keep toggling Adblock on and off to see what kind of ads Google is serving to your site. That got kind of old for me, and I decided I wouldn’t mind seeing adsense on everyone’s pages.

The problem is, the regexp strings that Filterset.G uses are torturous, and even once you delete the parts that unblock adsense, they just get overwritten on the next update! The solution is Adblock Plus – it has the bonus capability of being able to whitlist URLs.

Simply enter @@URL into the ‘new filter’ form in the Adblock (Plus) preferences and that site is whitelisted. So to un-block Adsense you’ll want to use something like:


and you’ll be seeing sweet Adsense shills once again.

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