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Geting started with WordPress

So, you want to get started making websites or run your own blog? Or you’re just interested in learning more about WordPress. As with most things, the best way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Fortunately, there are several free hosting options that will allow you to get started without shelling out one thin dime of your own.

The most prominent company offering“  free WordPress hosting right now is DreamHost.“  They are a established, well known hosting company.“  You can sign up for their free app hosting at: .

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Selling Books for fun and profit

So, you have some books laying around? Think selling them online could make you come cash and clear out some space? It’s definitely a possibility, but where should you sell them? There are five major options for the amateur bookseller:, Amazon, eBay, ABE and Alibris. All five have their strengths and weaknesses, but my biggest concern when looking at selling my extra books was the cost. Seller’s fees, shipping, etc. can take a toll on the bottom line. So I set out to see who has the most seller-friendly pricing structure. This what I came up with:

Selling Profit at:    
Price Amazon Ebay Alibris* ABE**
$5.00 $4.21 $2.79 $0.74 -$0.16 $0.23
$25.00 $21.21 $19.79 $19.99 $15.84 $17.53
$55.00 $48.36 $45.29 $49.02 $39.84 $43.48
$125.00 $112.46 $104.79 $116.69 $95.84 $104.03
$300.00 $277.46 $253.54 $286.00 $235.84 $255.40
$1,000.00 $949.96 $848.54 $963.25 $795.84 $860.90
* $19 annual fee divided into a hypothetical 300 books a year, with a $1/book charge for ‘basic’ plan
** $25 monthy fee divided into a hypothetical 25 books

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Help! Someone’s stealing my content!

So you figure out that some lowlife is grabbing your RSS feed and using it to populate his MFA splog. Maybe you used copyscape ( to find him, maybe you were alerted by a loyal reader. No matter how you find out, you need to take action to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalties, a loss of trust from your readership, or unfair advertising competition from your own content. So what can you do? The quickest and easiest thing you can do is send a DMCA letter (really!). Here’s how to do so in 3 easy steps:Read More »Help! Someone’s stealing my content!